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Proverbs Performance

(In Mandarin)

Children Drama “Flying With Books – Proverbs”

A Word of Difference
There used to be a person who would not seek any understanding when doing anything. He always said that everything was almost the same, why take it too seriously! So, everyone called him “Almost”! “Almost” set up a stall on the street to write and read letters for anyone to make a living. Because of some typo error when writing a letter for his customer, they smashed his stall. After this incident, “Almost” decided to go to school to study hard and came top in his school.

Picking up Gold is Not Ambiguous
The teacher tells the students the meaning of Picking up Gold is not ambiguous, and encourages everyone to get rewards if they pick up things that does not belongs to them and give them to the teacher. Ye Zi Gao tries to get more rewards and towards the end, he is the one in his class who received the most rewards. He was very happy. After the class, all the students came to congratulate him, and he was proud to share with them how he got so many rewards. He thought everyone would praise him for his cleverness, but he did not expect the classmates to just walk away…

Painting Snakes to Fill Up
Every student in the school has made progress in their recent studies, so the teacher decided to give his fan to one of the students to encourage them to study harder. Everyone wants to get this reward. In the end, the teacher decided to have a contest to draw an animal and will reward the fan to the quickest student that completes the drawing with accuracy. Everyone is very serious about the contest…who will get the fan in the end?

There is No Silver Here
‘Almost” took the exam and he was still unsuccessful and returned home. On the way home, he found a pack of silver, which was three hundred tael. “Almost” was incredibly happy and think of hiding the silver, but he was unsure where to hide it. Finally, he thought of a way to bury the silver in the courtyard of his home, but he was still not at ease. So, he put a signboard in the place where the silver was buried. The sign reads: There are no three hundred tael of silver here. “Almost” finally at ease now and happily went back to bed…

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Meet our talented performers who have been performing in numerous performances to happy children in Singapore.


Chao Yu Ting

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Qu Xiang Zhi

Qu Xiang Zhi

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