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Proverbs Performance

(In Mandarin)

Children Drama “Flying With Books – Proverbs”

Its Over and Over

A long time ago, there was a student called Ye Zi Gao. He always wanted to be a scholar, but he was very lazy. He was not serious in his study and was always late for school. He loved to sleep in class! He was a pain to the teacher. All the other students persuaded him to study hard as the exam is coming and he always comes out with excuses. The result of the school exam shows that he could not even understand the simplest Three-Word Book!

Finally, other students have graduated, but he did not!


Nanke A Dream

Ye Zi Gao did not graduate from school. On the way home, he sat down under the tree and fell asleep. He had a dream. In his dream, he became a prefect of Nanke County, and as he did not know anything, he was complained by the peasants to Minister Chin Chai.

Minister Chin Chai decided to test Ye Zi Gao, and the result shows that Ye Zi Gao does not understand poetry or idioms. Minister Chin Chai scolded him for not learning anything and ordered the guards to chop Ye Zi Gao’s head. Ye Zi Gao awakes from his scary dream and determined to study hard from now on!


There is No Silver Here

‘Almost” took the exam and he was still unsuccessful and returned home. On the way home, he found a pack of silver, which was three hundred tael. “Almost” was incredibly happy and think of hiding the silver, but he was unsure where to hide it. Finally, he thought of a way to bury the silver in the courtyard of his home, but he was still not at ease. So, he put a signboard in the place where the silver was buried. The sign reads: There are no three hundred tael of silver here. “Almost” finally at ease now and happily went back to bed…

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Meet The Team

Meet our talented performers who have been performing in numerous performances to happy children in Singapore.


Chao Yu Ting

Ai Jia Qi

Sun Mei Ling

Qu Xiang Zhi

Qu Xiang Zhi

Yao Jia Wei

Wang Wei Yang


Gu Zhi Qi


Khua Chin Yin

Ye Bing

Ye Bing

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