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Eco Friendly Little Angel Performance

(In Mandarin)

Children Drama “ECO Friendly Little Angel”

Kang Kang is a little boy who is not particularly hygienic and does not love environmental protection. He left the rubbish on the ground and whenever he wrote the wrong words, he will just throw away the paper. His mother taught him to sort the garbage. He feels troublesome and never do it.
One day Kang Kang fell asleep while the room is lighted. When he woke up he found himself in the future world. The future world is dirty and chaotic. There are rubbish everywhere, trees are being cut down, and floods are happening from time to time! Small animals have no food and no place to live. The future world mouse grows as big as a human. The king of the mouse country saw Kang Kang and was very happy. He thanked Kang Kang for people like him who don’t care for the environment, the rat country will continue to develop. The king of the mouse wants Kang Kang to be the minister of the rat country, and he will marry his daughter to him, scaring Kang Kang to run desperately…
When Kang Kang opened his eyes, he found out that its only a dream. Now Kang Kang understands the importance of environmental protection. Since then, Kang Kang has changed. He has learned to classify garbage, recycle old things, etc., and has become an environmentally friendly little angel.

For Preschool and Primary School

Show Schedule and Ticket Information

For School – Live streaming 

Date : 8/3/21 to 10/3/21,

            23/3/21 to 25/3/21,


Time : For your viewing time, please email to 

Location: Live streaming 

Price: $30

Note: Eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant 50% subsidy

Meet The Team

Meet our talented performers who have been performing in numerous performances to happy children in Singapore.


Chao Yu Ting

Ai Jia Qi

Sun Mei Ling

Qu Xiang Zhi

Qu Xiang Zhi

Yao Jia Wei

Wang Wei Yang


Gu Zhi Qi


Khua Chin Yin

Ye Bing

Ye Bing

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