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Season Greeting / 节日快乐

Support Us / 请支持我们

2015 年迎来了我们成立的 60 周年华诞,这一路走来,经历了许多风风雨雨,也走过了许多崎岖的道路。我们之所以能够顽强地生存到今天,都是依靠社会各界的支持和鼓励。请继续支持我们,让您的宝号永远留在即将出版的,有着历史意义的纪念特刊。中华文化源远流长,请马上行动,给予我们支持和鼓励。

Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd was founded in 1955 and will be celebrating its sixtieth anniversary in 2015. This journey has not been an easy one for us and we have braved through many treacherous storms over the last sixty years. Thanks to all the support and encouragement by the community and their love for Chinese culture, to help us to remain standing strong today. However, in order to move forward from where we are, we require more assistance from the arts community and stakeholders to support our activities and productions. Please take the immediate action to support us by placing an Advertisement in our 60th Souvenir Magazine. We lookforward for your continued support. 

Acknowledgement / 鸣谢

National Arts Council 国家艺术理事会

Lee Foundation 李氏基金

Arts Fund 艺术基金

Chinese language and culture fund


Berries World  百力果

All the volunteers 所有义务工作

2018 演出剧目

2018 Upcoming Productions

Supported by :



School and Community / 学校 和 社区活动




学生都很喜欢西游记的演出,演员精湛的演技,舞台上精致的道具,逼真的台上布置,真是让人叹为观止。 感谢您为我们带来如此精彩的表演!






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