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Musical Comedy Drama  “Am I Stupid

(In Mandarin)









Nancy, a kind and honest girl, won ‘The Best Citizen’ award. She was invited by ‘Garden Republic’ to give a speech.  Smarties – the twin brothers brought her to tourist attractions.


During the tour, she picked up an envelope with $19,900 inside, however, $20,000 was written on the envelope, she then put in her own $100. The honest Nancy made effort to find the owner but to no avail.  Smarties brothers attempted to split the money with her but were rejected by her. Finally, the money was returned to the owner with the help of police.


Subsequently Nancy was queried by reporters for not returning full sum to the owner.  What had happened?


Nancy was very puzzled with the unhelpful behavior by Smarties brother and people in ‘Garden Republic’. Let us help her clear her doubt …


The musical comedy drama adopts creative use of human body expressions and props to present interesting visual effect.  It is entertaining and educational.



For  Primary/ Secondary School 

Length of the show 1 hr 10 mins

适 合 中 小 学 生

演 出 长 1 小 时 10 分 钟 

演出时间:14/8 - 17/8/18

1:45pm and  3.30pm

演出地点:Click here to Xinmin Secondary Theatre


Eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant 50% subsidy 


精彩片段 / Performance Clips 2014


相声喜剧 “一路笑  2014”

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