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Call To Arms Performance

(In Mandarin)

Chinese Drama
“Call To Arms”

The famous Chinese writer, essayist, poet, and literary critic Lu Xun created typical characters such as Kong Yiji, Ah Q and Xiang Linxuan. Through this stage drama, we will bring out the 3 unique characters and their encounters so as to inspire our students to read his books such as “Xian Heng Hotel”, “The True Story of Ah Q”, “Call to Arms” and “Xiang Linxuan”!!

For Secondary School

Show Schedule and Ticket Information

Performance as requested

School to book through our website ‘Booking’ or button ‘Book Now’ below

Minimum 100 tickets, teacher is complimentary

Location: Will advised

Price: $30 per student. Teacher is complimentary

Note: Booked through our website under ‘Book Now’ below

Note: Eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant 50% subsidy

Meet The Team

Meet our talented performers who have been performing in numerous performances to happy students in Singapore.


Chao Yu Ting

Ye Bing

Ye Bing


Ai Jia Qi

Sun Mei Ling


Gu Zhi Qi


Qu Xiang Zhi

Yao Jia Wei

Wang Wei Yang

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