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Journey to the West - Journey to Heaven (In Mandarin)




Sun Wukong was born from on a stone egg in Flower Fruit Mountain. After angering several gods, the Jade Emperor gave him a minor position in heaven as the Keeper of Horses so they could keep an eye on him. This job was of a very low position, and when Sun Wukong came to know about it, he became very angry. He returned to his mountain and put up a flag to declare himself as the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven". Thereafter the Jade Emperor dispatched celestial soldiers to arrest Sun Wukong but no one succeeded. The Jade Emperor had no choice but to appoint him to be the guardian of the Heavenly Peach Garden. The peaches in the garden bear fruit every 3,000 years, and eating its flesh will bestow immortality. In preparation for the Heavenly Peach Banquet, the fairies came to the Heavenly Peach Garden to collect the peaches. They informed Sun Wukong that he was not invited and made fun of him. Sun Wukong became furious and started to eat the Heavenly peaches, causing trouble in Heaven and defeated an army of 100,000 celestial troops. Eventually, the Jade Emperor appealed to the Buddha Ru Lai who detained Sun Wukong under a mountain called Five Elements Mountain. Sun Wukong was kept under the mountain for 500 years, and cannot escape because of a spell that was put on the mountain. He was told that in a few hundred years time, he will be freed by someone.


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For age 4 and above

Length of the show 1 hr 15 mins适合 4 岁以上的小孩演出长 1小时15分钟

演出时间:30/6 3:30pm (sold out)

                 1/7 3pm and 7:30pm

                 2/7 3pm 

演出地点:Click here to School of the Arts

票价:$30, $35

Call SISTIC at 63485555

Eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant 50% 


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